Monday, October 19, 2009

Man Meat Monday: Feeeellings Edition

The Many Moods of Sven.





Ah! Never underestimate the power of accessories. Go forth, Sven, and spread thy cheerful scarf-loving grin amongst the multitudes.

And...end manmeat!

Later in the week, I'll be sharing the meanings of those pesky--"m/m/f" or "m/f/m"--labels for those of us new to the "who's kissing and touchin' on who?" menage action in erotic romance. I may also do a personal update-y sort of post though, really, I think I can sum up life in a few bullet points:

1. Hubs and baby and number one son are precious and wonderful. Stepdaughters are also well and precious (though teen-aged).

2. Stupid house still hasn't sold.

3. I'm working too hard and feel vaguely twitchy (same old, same old), but also very grateful for wonderful family and precious offspring and great hubs.

The end. On with your Monday!

Anna J. Evans


Ms Snarky Pants said...

Happy and apparently cold. LOL Well I guess when you're naked man meat you need something to keep you warm. hehe

Thanks for explaining the slashes! hehe

Amy Ruttan said...

I can't believe baby is going to be a year soon. Though I sometimes can't believe my little butterball is going to be 4 mos. YIKES! And that it will soon be November. Double YIKES!

Delilah Devlin said...

HaHa! Loved your titles for the pics. What was with that haircut? He looked like a young Gibbs on NCIS.