Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4 and 1/2 Stars for Shadow Marked

4 and 1/2 Stars from Romantic Times Magazine:

"Evans has surrounded [Samantha's] passionate relationship with a deadly game of demons versus humans that will have readers wondering who will make it and who won't, not to mention who should."
-Lauren Becker for RT

Dudes...can I express how thrilled I am to get this review? I can't, obviously. Or there would be more words here. But yeah, thrilled! Thrilled!

Whoo-hoo, only a little over a month until SHADOW MARKED hits the shelves!

In other news, I'm so sorry to neglect ya'll here at the blog. I'm going to blame my 12-13 year old fans of the other pen name Who Shall Not Be Named on this site. They are really chatty, and I love them for it, but yeah...answering the YA pen name's email eats up a lot of time.

Just know that I love you...passionately. Just as Sam and Jace from SHADOW MARKED passionately love. (And they do. For realz. You should pre-order them HERE.

Merry end of March!

Anna J. Evans

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