Monday, July 8, 2013

A new release! SEA SWEPT is live

Good Monday!

I'm so excited to share the release of "Sea Swept," a sexy short story set in San Diego, featuring a hot stranger from the sea that's perfect for summer beach reading.

Here's a little about the book:


Sand, sun, a hot encounter with a man from the sea...
She's in for the vacation of her life...

Caitlyn Saunders is looking for a little fun in the San Diego sun. But when she's caught in a spring storm and swept out to sea by a tidal wave, she's not really surprised. She and Fortune have never been friends.

Still, who needs Fortune when you can have a dark, mysterious stranger?

Lukas knows he has more pressing matters to attend to than pleasuring the mortal woman he pulled from the sea. But how is a man supposed to concentrate on royal intrigue when such a tempting woman is lying naked in his arms? Proving to this fiery redhead that he's the furthest thing from a mermaid--or a maid of any kind--is too decadently sensual a test to resist.

"Sea Swept" is an erotic, 15,000 word short story that features explicit language and even more explicit sex scenes. 
(Formerly published as "Off the Deep End" in 2009. Newly revised for 2013 edition.)

Now available at Amazon (Other vendor links will be posted as they become available online.)

It was such fun to revisit this story and I adore the sexy new cover.

Hope you enjoy the read if you pick it up, it's only 1.49 from now until the end of August.



Erin Bisco said...

Hello, Ms. Evans,

I really enjoyed "Night's Rose" and "The Prince of Frogs." I've been looking through your blog, and I don't see anything indicating that you will be writing another book to continue/finish the series.

Will you be writing more about Rose and her delightful men in the future?

In the mean time, I will have to wander over and read some of your other novels and short stories!

Thank you,

Anna J. Evans said...

Hi Erin!

The "Night's Rose" series was cancelled by the publisher years ago, but I may revisit it in the future. I'm experimenting with self-publishing and it's opening up a lot of doors! So glad you enjoyed Rose's story.

All best and thank you for your support,


Jennifer Overholt said...

Hello Ms. Evans

I have read the Night's Rose series and also Shadow Marked and Demon Marked. I really enjoy what you write!

I was looking through your blog and I saw that you put out a free novella for your fans telling more of the story for Rose, Gareth and Ambrose. Where can I get this? the website listed on the back of you books is no longer valid. Can you help direct me the right direction? I really want to see what else you have created. Thanks!